Barry Lillie: (Founder and Executive Director)

I have experienced almost every possible aspect of a difficult separation. I refer to it as my dark years. I was a custodial and non-custodial father for several years. I found it difficult to build a new home and to create a Dad's House for my children. I know how difficult it is for fathers on emotional and financial levels. The loss is overwhelming and the despair often leads to suicidal thoughts, problems at work and depression.

My parents were in there seventies when the separation occurred (the first in our family) and were eventually devastated by the events over the next years. They were split on what to do and this eventually led to serious health issues and pre-mature deaths.

I am also now a grandparent and understand the potential loss of that role on myself and that of my grandchild.

My children have reached adulthood and I could not have a better relationship with them. None of us could imagine life without each other's love and support. Each of us is acutely aware that we are blessed to have arrived at this point; but each is also aware that there is leftover baggage carried by each of us from those dark years.

Kids 'n' Dad is the consequence. No child or parent needs to suffer the fate of losing each other's love or support.

Making a difference ... for a lifetime is our commitment to our families.

Manuel Costa: (Lead Volunteer)

Manuel is father to two boys and an original member of “You're Still Dad”. He has experienced it all from a major and drawn out court loss to a significant change in the priorities of his life.

Manuel went from being a workaholic in an intact family to placing quality time with his children as his only priority post separation. He did this under a limited parenting time Court Order and has built an amazing relationship with his children.

In the “You're Still Dad” support group, Manuel is respected for his experiences, commitment, common sense and wise counsel.

His approach to building a strong parent-child relationship is simply known as the Manuel Method.

Tedd Vernon: (B.M.O.C.)

Tedd is the father of a beautiful young daughter and is an amazing father. The obstacles placed in his way would have stopped most separated parents. He pursues every avenue open to a non-custodial dad to be involved in the life of his child. He does not allow the different institutions (schools, doctors) to forget that his daughter has two involved parents.

Tedd has perhaps the two most important qualities required by a separated dad, namely, determination and resiliency. He is admired for his counsel and his expertise in quality parenting and working knowledge for do-it-yourself legal dealings.