Quick Facts

  • Every three hours in Canada another male kills himself! Statistics Canada has revealed that with the divorce rate at 37% of first marriages and with more marriages ending in the early years of a marriage, men and fathers are being left lonely, seeking parental 'access' in impossibly biased legal situations, and experiencing a sense of failure. Suicide is inevitably the result.

  • The leading cause of death for men, age 20-44, is suicide! Any person working within or being a member of a father's support group fully recognizes and understands the deep sadness, the despair, frustration, and desperation of fathers who are no longer with their children.

  • The premature rate of death for men accounts for 80% of the National Suicide Rate. Male suicide rates are 3-4 times higher than females.

  • The estimated direct and indirect financial costs of a suicide are approximately $2,000,000 per suicide;potential lost earnings, health and insurance payout's, etc.

  • The number of suicides related to the results of family breakdown are approximately 2500 annually, and are all related to family breakup, separation and child custody conflict.

What resources go toward male health issues? What funds are directed towards men's issues by United Way or Health Canada compared to funding for women's health issues. We think you might already know the answers. The most alarming problem is that fathers are often afraid to seek help because information on their predicament and private affairs may be provided to Children's Services and the Family Court in order to limit their parenting time and used against them in terms of the “stability” issue. Have we lost enough brothers and sisters? As a nation we must demand that our Governments, at all levels, act to end this tragic waste of our friends and neighbours lives.

From the Musical " Chicago":
“…Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane; you can look right through me ... walk right by me, and never know I'm there;­ never even know I'm there.” “I hope I haven't taken up to much of your time.” (Possibly a popular refrain for Canadian fathers who are not even on the 'radar screen' of health providers and our courts and politicians.")