Single Adult Household

What does Statistics Canada call a separated father of three children? A Single Adult Household!

  • This father could have been a loving partner, an excellent provider, and an amazing father, but his partner wished to separate.

  • He hopes to have a strong parenting partnership with his children's mother. He knows that the most important part of his life is his three children. He still believes that life is fair, but ... !

  • Then, he receives that devastating note in that Communications Book, “I need to talk to you about something important…”

  • "I am moving with the children across the country because I have a great job opportunity." Our Dad is stunned!

  • Our dad goes to his unaffordable Lawyer and finds that Canadian Family Law approves -- that the Primary Care parent's interests are in the children's best interests. She is a good mother.

  • Our dad has just become a visitor in his children's lives. He has become a Single Adult Household!

Why Does It Matter?

  • Research provides evidence that children are more likely to thrive when there is an involved dad in the child's daily life; improved academic and extracurricular performance; better peer relationships; moral maturity; higher tolerance and understanding; overall happiness.

  • At a time when our children need their dad most, our society says: You are a Single Person Household!

Why Should I Care?

  • It could be You and Your Children.