Kids & Dad is engaged in taking our work to the larger Kitchener-Waterloo community in many different ways.

Our presence as a Social Service Agency focuses on the father/child relationship, in order to advance the cause of shared parenting.

Kids & Dad engages the media through articles in The Record. Our continuous work in letter writing to the print media on separation and parenting issues pushes the media to recognize that dads are an integral partner in any discussion on parenting issues such as child poverty, health care, education, and daycare.

Additional public forums will expand our reach and educate more and more people. This is essential if we are to ensure that every child has both parents engaged fully in their life.

"No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior... and I'm not talking about the kids." - Bill Cosby, Comedian

Kids & Dad is non-political in the sense that we endorse policies that respect the importance of both parents. Our advocacy centers on the recommendations endorsed by all Federal political parties from the 1998 report: For the Sake of the Children.

Kids & Dad's Executive Director, Barry Lillie, was a co-chair of the March to Parliament Hill (May-June 2005) that took the message of the 1998 report to all Provincial and Federal political parties. The politicians and media received daily releases focused on the failings in the current approach to separation and the solutions identified in the Parliamentary Report.

It is our intention to expose the human made obstacles that too often prevent parents from achieving what they know is right for their children, not for just a moment, but for their lifetime.

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