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Support Groups


"You're Still Dad/You're Still Mom Parenting Support Group"

Drop-in evening for separated moms, dads and friends who are parenting their children through the never-ending challenges and complications of two homes.  

Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm April 18 & 25/13





It's not the separation, it's about how you separate!

Preparation for marriage or new intimate partnerships is considered a wise step. Preparing for a separation, especially if there are children, is even more important. The pitfalls that often result in more conflict post separation must be prevented for every one involved from children, parents, grandparents, etc.. 

This workshop is NOT about encouraging more separations, but it is about educating families in ways to minimize loss and despair and to be able to arrive at co-operative parenting outcomes that benefit their families. 

Watch for Details !