Domestic Violence

The ELEPHANT in the room!

  • Domestic violence, as a fact or allegation is too often the determining factor in parenting time. Is it justified?

  • Every Father who cares about his children and changing the current approach to child access abhors violence against women and mothers.

  • Go to your playing fields and where you find daughters, you will find fathers coaching, encouraging and helping them to be all they can be. Fathers are the best allies of a gender bias free society.

  • There is a debate over the Statistics re: gender violence. Some women’s groups use hyped statistics and some father’s groups try to suggest women are just as violent as men. Fathers need a network of services often unavailable to men.

  • The Partner Assault Program consists mainly of Dads. It is estimated that 15% to 30% of these Dads were falsely charged, but were advised by counsel to attend the program as the quickest way to see their children.

  • False accusations of domestic violence are a problem in our system and there is a serious concern that they are encouraged. Fathers demand strong legal sanctions against false accusations by any party.

Key Question: Should Family Law reform be hindered because of the issue of domestic violence?

  • To do so would be to accept that 50% plus one of Dads are guilty of spousal abuse. Only the most extreme opponents to shared parenting would assert such a proposition.

  • The evidence is that most mothers eventually find a new male relationship and most Dads become a loving partner again.

Fathers will not accept that the majority of dads and their children should be denied shared equal parenting because of the failings of a few.