Kids & Dad Shared Support is a Registered Non-Profit in Ontario and a Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act.

It was decided by the Board of Directors that the support programs of Kids & Dad are FREE to all clients. Many of our clients are at a stage of personal and family financial crisis where any fees would act as a deterrent for them in seeking the support needed. It is hoped that they will be receptive to voluntary help for Kids & Dad when needed and that, as they emerge from this difficult time, they will be able to make a voluntary financial contribution.

2006 was a successful year and start-up and operating grants were received from United Way, K.W. Community Foundation and Wallenstein Feed Family Foundation.

On April 1, 2007 the Ontario Trillium Foundation provided a grant to hire a full-time employee for two years. Kids ‘n’ Dad Shared Support is grateful for this funding for it allows us to staff the office and carry out the necessary work for our clients. It will make a significant difference to accomplish what is needed in our community.


Support Needed

If our work is to continue in the long run and the voice of Kids & Dad Shared Support is to be heard throughout the community your financial support is needed. A major hurdle has been passed when Kids & Dad received our Federal charitable status on January 23, 2007.

Kids & Dad Shared Support Charitable #: 82166 9744 RR0001;

This allows Kids & Dad to be more aggressive in seeking donations and to receive donations for events and activities sponsored by our agency.

Kids & Dad can issue receipts up to 80% of the actual value for needed gifts.

Kids & Dad can issue receipts for services rendered in certain circumstances.

2007 is the year when Kids & Dad Shared Support has been transformed into an agency where a full time staff member is available to our clients. Each of us knows the pain and despair of separation and divorce upon the whole family and that our mission is needed more than ever.

This requires everybody to reach out to his or her friends, family members, business associates and social connections (churches, clubs, etc.,).

Barry Lillie, our Executive Director, is pleased to do presentations or to meet with any contacts that are created from your efforts.

In addition, a few focused fund-raising events will take place during the year and opportunities to volunteer and raise funds for our work will take place.

Please help us to accomplish our mission and turn our beginnings into an important journey for families where every child's plea is heard and accomplished,                        

  • Fund raising activities will take place during the year. 
  • Other campaigns will take place during the year and clients and supporters are encouraged to visit upcoming events on our site.
  • Barry Lillie will be reaching out to Service Clubs and businesses for financial support and partnerships for our programs and workshops. Anyone who is connected to an organization is encouraged to contact Barry and a meeting or presentation will take place.

The work of Kids & Dad is desperately needed for the families of Waterloo Region. In the end it must be sustained by supporters of our agency and by the individuals of our Community. We are at the beginning of an important journey that will work toward our achieving what a young child pleaded; "I need both my parents ... Now!"

Our logo states that our goal is: Making a difference... for a lifetime!